Plumbing system

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We guarantee that the water distribution system meets the best performance standards and fulfills the functional needs of the setup. The water demand is computed based on the occupancy and area covered to design appropriately sized storage tanks.

Our Plumbing Services
  • To Study and identify the most feasible alternate for water supply , drainage and rain water disposal System considering the latest norms pertaining to NBC and also considering the requirement received from client and Architect side.
  • Water demand calculation as per NBC guideline.
  • Solar water demand calculation as per NBC guideline and ECBC norms.
  • Water supply & Drainage system pipe sizing.
  • Plumbing drainage layout.
  • Plumbing water supply layout.
  • Water distribution schematic layout.
  • Terrace water supply looping and down take layout.
  • Design of waste water disposal network, with pipeline levels matching the surrounding sewage main lines.
  • Pump room layout.
  • Overhead and underground tank details layout (Sleeve Provision).
  • Septic tank & STP location layout as per requirement.
  • Estimating capacity of STP. (Details design shall be done by STP vendor)
  • Pumping system
  • Rain water harvesting for water conservation.
  • External storm water layout
  • Terrace rainwater drain layout
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